Begin Again

fresh-start“Three, Two, One…Happy New Year!”  The clocks strike midnight, a variation of corks are popped and, depending on the culture, many are caught up in exuberant exclamations of “Halleluiahs” in the apostolic tradition of Watch Night service.  Another year has indiscreetly enter into time and resolutions of change are written, spoken and thought. Frequently this yearly ritual, results in a high rush of serotonin leading to an elation of overcoming and beginning again. Whatever the obstacle hoping to be resolved, there is a feeling of conquering or a strong desire to do so.

Whether you are an overachiever, a late bloomer, or that person who always seems to fall just short of the mark, accomplishing your goals are pertinent because they bring you closer to your victory and prove the value of discipline. So what did you write regarding your New Year’s resolution? Have you vowed to make a change during a popular vision board party which felt right at the time? Or do you feel defeated because you have not been able to remain consistent with your plans?

According to University of Scranton, 40% of people set resolutions but only 8% complete them. Regardless of how many times you’ve found yourself among the 92% who fail to complete their resolutions, I want to encourage you to begin again. Failure does not have to be permanent, but you can use it as a springboard to get up, dust yourself off, and try again with more knowledge and more experience to apply to the task.  Every day is another opportunity to begin again.

Often times we create a bucket list instead of resolutions. Though the two are similar, they are different. A bucket list itemizes a litany of things you desire to do or experience.  A resolution is your steadfast commitment to make a change.  Be specific.

Whatever you’ve identified as your New Year’s resolution, you can do it! The obstacle which you are going to change and overcome takes one step and one day at a time. Here’s how:

  1. Get a calendar and identify dates for small milestones that will create a timeline to reach your ultimate goal.
  2. Read and reread your calendar daily, thereby creating a subliminal message and allowing the resolution to become engrained in your psyche.
  3. Remove anything that has the ability to hinder your progress. If there is a trigger which prevents you from completing your goal, identify, pin-point the cause/root, then resolve it.
  4. Create a support system; in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.
  5. Take time to review your progress and celebrate small victories. This will motivate you to keep going as you can see yourself moving closer to your goal.
  6. Repeat this process until your goal is manifested.

Begin Again!

Take your time and complete your resolution. Resolve to be in the 8 percent.

I am excited for you because you will win this time!  Quitting is not an option. Begin Again.


About C Harper Enterprise

Author, certified professional life coach, motivational speaker, aspiring television show hostess, global technology recruiter and visionary. Cynthia Harper is the founder of My Favorite Charities® (MFC), a national fund-raising foundation specializing in Gifting the Giver™ to recognize those who give tirelessly of themselves with little to no pay nor benefits. The organization was founded in 2006. Her focus is to link corporate sponsorship with grass-root community organizations.
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