Prevent Child Abuse

How many of us like fashion; color, hair, long runway’s all eyes are on you. Imagine ; lights-camera-action you are stunning and strutting your stuff and you look good. Everyone is checking you out. But deep inside you are hurting because some-one has hurt you. You have been victimized and you don’t feel as good as you look.

Child Abuse does not have a look, a style or a profile. The only face of child abuse is hurt. If you don’t stop the cycle, it will perpetuate. What is a cycle- a characteristic, often regularly repeated event or sequence of events occurs. Not always but many times. The cycle must be broken. If we don’t break the cycle, the result is we create broken people. People with distrust, feeling devalued and people who don’t fulfill their Purpose.

Children were created for a Purpose, to do something extra-ordinary, to leave a mark on society and not marks on people. Children were created to shine not to be bruised. They were created to have the freedom to walk proudly and not pitiful. No-one should curse them with their mouth or abuse them with their bodies in know form. Their headlines should read a star is born and because of you the world is a much better place. Children should not have to be sad because someone has violated them. We have to care enough t help. Child abuse victims must be exposed.

Have you ever heard this saying, “it’s not my business” and I don’t want to get involve? If I tell, know one will like me, I am not going to be a snitch. Oh they would never sexually molest their children, they attend church, live in a beautiful home and are very nice to children. Child abuse happens at the church, school, home, camps and everywhere. But we can prevent it.

Victims have a right to be protected from parents, friends, bullies and all. Don’t sit back and allow the cycle to continue.

Remember this is a Spring Fling, lets Spring into action and help erase Child Abuse!

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It Will All Work Together For The Good

Have you ever felt like your efforts have been reduced to nothing? Or your rope of life is unraveling? Do you ever feel dismayed, overwhelmed and wanting to give up on everything you have been called to do? Often times we are in the state of perplexity due in part to our personal failures? Failures which you have identified as who you are and not what they are! But today I encourage you to regroup.

This past week, was the first day of spring signifying the change of seasons. As an inspired writer of Gods goodness, I am motivated to remind you that in this season, you will receive some change. Although it might not be as you have employed it, appreciate whatever it is. Regardless of how minuscule, remember with God there is no limit. He, God the ultimate being, is ever increasing. I, like you, must spring forth with newness. As the beautiful white trees, The Dogwood, begin to grace the city commanding attention, allow their brightness to serve as a metaphor to your dark situation.

Whatever your situation might be, I am reminded that it will all work together for the good of those who love the Lord and our called according to his Purposes. Your Purpose is powerful, it will propel you to your destiny. Your Purpose is what you were called to do in your unique and magnificent way you were called to do it. It is not over. Though you feel as it is covered up by mistakes, like most hidden treasures, it is just buried. Dig for it! Shovel by shovel. It will come to pass. Like David, and Rahab in the bible, God will and can still use you. Ask me how I know, I am a living witness of his goodness.

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A Mountaintop Experience, (literally)

April 3, 1968, in Memphis Tennessee, Martin Luther King delivered his last speech, I’ve been to the Mountaintop; (aka -I’ve seen the promise land). While I’ve never had the chance to meet Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. personally, I feel as though we are connected. Our connections are more than living a Christian life, being an advocate for the poor or being African American; but we both had a mountain top experience. Though my experience does not rival his, I can truly say, “I had a mountaintop experience.”

In October 2012, I was privileged to be invited to what is called, The Gathering of Eagles, an annual experience where a myriad of leaders, servants, teachers, and trainers gathered to become students. It was literally on a mountain, six thousand feet elevation, air so thin, it could take your breathe away. Imagine each mile getting higher and higher where it appeared that you were being engulfed by clouds. There were mammoth size trees growing out of rocks which were as large as an average size house. The black pine cones on the ground were larger than footballs and roving mountains and canyons creating a scene only God could construct. It was beautiful.

After what seemed like an under water- breathing exercise, I could exhale. It was a view that I compared to heavenly, absolutely breath-taking. What started at the airport; warm embraces, kind spirits, and a refreshing salutation, “You are Loved and Appreciated” was continually spoken.

We had reached our final destination, Al & Hattie Christian Retreat. It was a place where peace resides and tranquility was steadfast. Every person or thing connected to this place represented love. Initially, it appeared a bit surreal, only to discover, it was real-real life-changing. Not to mention the on-going praise and worship music piped throughout the 120 acre retreat and first class accommodations were absolutely fabulous. It was apparent that God resided in this place and purity and holiness had been maintained.

There were more than 7 nations represented with dialects and tongues so eloquently spoken yet all prayed to same Jehovah God. He, God had created something so special, just for me. It was spiritual boot-camp with principles written from a scientific approach. Life-Coaches Al & Hattie Hollingsworth are experts at teaching others to birth dreams, visions, and ideas using Godly principles. They have created a place where you enter in challenged but exited transformed. I was treated royally, celebrated and not tolerated. While the common denominator was obvious for all who are gathered, we were dreamers, birthing spiritual babies pursuing “Purpose” and striving to reach the pinnacle of our success. There was no judging or criticizing but 4 days of training, Extravagant Praise & Worship and a confirming in your spirit, I can and I will.

It was a place where I could be totally vulnerable and not reminded that I was damaged goods. It was a birthing of my future and not a reminder of my mistake ridden past. The exercises were simple but challenging. The training was thought-provoking and empowering. Amazingly, my nakedness was being covered with a righteous robe and freedoms began to leap in my belly. I was among people who loved me for me, similar to Christ love for the church. It was apropos the course was called, Vertical Leap. This leadership training on the mountaintop was so meaningful until it created an insatiable appetite one which an annual dose will not do. If you find yourself hungry for a delectable meal, this course is available monthly through Al & Hattie Hollingsworth’s BOSS The Movement in Ontario, CA. It will keep you full of God’s goodness, offering total forgiveness and walking out your Purpose in Life! Once you have completed this dynamic training, you will be certified and qualified to teach the worlds youth through their, Boss the Movement curriculum. This training is revolutionizing nations, and children are developing into world leaders eating from this table.

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